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The PP Granules are used in the industry of plastic to make plastic based materials such as cups, electronic components, containers, toys and what not. They are thermoplastic addition polymers, which have uses in many sectors. 
Nonwoven fabrics are required for the production of single use bags, shoe linings, clothing, waddings, synthetic leather fabrics and many more. They are extensively suited for many production process and have applicability in many applications. 
The Non-Woven Bags are proffered with a cotton-like finish and are used by those who environment cautious people. The bags are accessible in a wide array of attractive colors.
Paper bags are thee environment friendly carrying bags that are great for shopping. They are superbly easy to carry and are highly biodegradable and recyclable. They are used on most of the shopping stores.
Offered Non-Woven Wax strips are suited for waxing all areas of the body. They can be cut down to any size and allow for the good utility in different ways. They are simple to use and can be removed well with utter ease. 

Paper Courier Bag
Paper Courier Bags are offered with a sealing adhesive. They are mostly used by the ecommerce sellers for the shipment of different products. They assist in safeguarding the things during transportation or shipping.

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